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Pain Management & Addiction Treatment

Pain Management is an important part of the Addiction Treatment Process.

Drugs and alcohol are often used to mask pain – both emotional and physical, but substance abuse can affect neuroreceptors in the brain that help to interpret how we feel pain. Once detox is complete, it is important to assess sensations in the body with a renewed sense of perspective so that any underlying pain issues that may be at the core of the addiction can be tended to and to encourage a greater sense of wellness overall. At Futures, we treat the whole person by addressing pain in the body through a comprehensive approach in which we provide:

  1. Unsurpassed Medical Care:
    Minimal discomfort, a safe, assisted withdrawal process, medicine to reduce discomfort when appropriate and caring support from medical professionals, who understand dependency and have numerous years of experience in the addiction treatment field.  Our Medical team is headed by Dr. Gloria Dunkin, a triple-board certified physician with more than 15 years of experience in the addiction treatment field.
  2. The most progressive, comprehensive, and effective Physical Therapy program in the nation:
    With our partner, Advanced Therapy & Wellness (AT&W), we offer a holistic Wellness and Rehabilitation program. Integrating AT&W’s evidence-based musculoskeletal and biopsychosocial treatment interventions compliments our multidisciplinary treatment approach, and augments treatment to aid in the recovery from addictive and co-occurring disorders.Within the first week of treatment at Futures, clients will receive a one-on-one evaluation with one of our medical professionals. Our PT experts work with the clinical and medical care team to create a customized physical therapy plan for each individual. Physical therapy which can help you move and function better. Benefits can include:- Chronic or acute Pain Relief
    – Chronic Back Pain
    – Improved movement, ability, and flexibility
    – Recovery and prevention of injury\
    – Rehabilitation after a stroke, accident, injury, or surgery
    – Improved balance
    – Better control your bladder and bowel
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Chronic Pain:
    CBT is an active treatment approach focuses on the relationships between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Evidence suggests that CBT for chronic pain can improve functioning and quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain conditions and is an invaluable part of an effective pain management program. Our therapists are trained in Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which helps improve pain relief in several ways:- CBT can help clients to understand how they perceive their pain and actually change how they view it.
    – It can also teach clients how to identify and change behaviors related to pain and improve coping strategies
    – Overall, it can help to put the discomfort in a more positive context and encourages healthy behaviors and habits that will help to improve pain relief over time.

Our Pain Management program helps clients to reconnect with their bodies and evaluate their pain with a sober perspective. Our team will help you to create a sustainable plan to promote both physical wellness and emotional balance.  This balance is a vital part of a strong foundation for both recovery and a healthy, vibrant life beyond treatment.

For more information on our approach to addiction treatment and pain management, please contact our admissions center today to get the help you need to ease your pain and break free from addiction.

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