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December 5th, 2017
Vance Johnson Speaking at Chris Christie’s 2nd Annual Candlelight Vigil
Futures’ own Vance Johnson will be joined by several NFL players and other speakers at Governor Chris Christie’s 2nd Annual Candlelight Vigil. This candlelight vigil will show support of the people, families, and loved ones impacted by substance use issues, and honor ...
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November 27th, 2017
Explaining a Parent’s Addiction to a Child
As a parent, your primary goal in life is to keep your children safe and provide a stable, nurturing environment for them to grow up in. That is why it is particularly troubling when you find yourself caught in the grip of alcoholism or substance abuse. You want to keep your kids ...
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November 22nd, 2017
The Dangers of Crash Dieting
Numerous weight loss programs claim to be a “quick fix” while promising to instantly rid your body of any unwanted fat without exercise. These plans, also known as crash dieting, are nothing more than extreme ways to lose weight, such as starvation and minimal intake of nutrie...
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