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If you’re an alcoholic and attempt to stop drinking, you may soon become physically ill as withdrawal sets in. All is not bleak however, as an alcohol rehab can help curb those pains through supervised detox and allow you to focus on your long-term recovery process.

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Our Treatment Program

Our cutting-edge substance abuse treatment program includes supervised detox and can treat all types of addiction, including the following:

-Opiate dependence
-Prescription Drug abuse
-Crystal Meth
-Multi-Substance abuse

The staff at Futures has decades of experience providing treatment for alcoholics and addressing their underlying issues for this addiction. Alcoholism is a problem that can put a great deal of stress and pain on both family and friends. Don’t let another day pass before seeking help. Call us at (866) 351-7588 to discuss your alcohol rehab options and receive a confidential assessment at no charge.

We are a residential rehab with professional detox services. Our team of detoxification specialist can provide the clients that need it, a safe transition into the primary treatment program by easing their pains of withdrawals. Please dial (866) 351-7588 and our admissions counselors will speak with you about what is available.

We are qualified to provide treatment of a dual diagnosis of co-occurring disorders. Futures focuses on treating both the addiction and its underlying causes, such as, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other mental health issues problems that might be a catalyst for the addiction. At Futures of Palm Beach, we provide each client a individualized rehab plan to address a dual diagnosis.

We confidently boast a highly-credentialed and seasoned staff in the treatment industry. Our team members include Ph.D.-level Mental Health Treatment and Medical Professionals and board certified medical professionals, Therapists, as well as an on-site Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist and a dedicated group of technicians and counselors.

We accept private payment as well as accept insurance coverage from most providers. For those intending to use health insurance, your out-of-pocket treatment costs will depend on the duration of stay and the specific coverage of your policy. Insurance verification of your coverage can be determined by calling us and letting us communicate with your insurance provider about the specifics of your policy.

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Futures of Palm Beach is an accredited treatment program and facility.

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Detox is the First Step

At its core, alcohol is simply the liquid left behind when something has rotted. When described this way, it doesn’t sound appetizing at all. If you were to spend time thinking about what might be inside each glass of booze you swallow and what all of those ingredients might do to your insides, you might feel physically ill. However, if you attempt to stop drinking after years and years of hitting the bottle, you might similarly feel ill. In fact, you might even feel so jittery and nervous as sobriety approaches that you begin to worry about your long-term health and safety.

Clearing the Body

That sleepy, soothed feeling a sip of alcohol can bring about is caused by the sedative aspect of this very strong drug. With each dose you take in, the electrical activity in your brain is slowed and quelled, and in time, your brain cells might even come to believe that this slow state is normal.

When you’re enrolled in a detox program, professionals will monitor you closely, and as soon as you show symptoms like this, they’ll provide you with therapies that can help. Your distress won’t spread, with this kind of care, and your move to sobriety might be much smoother as a result.

Common Symptoms

When you attempt to get sober, and the brain cells ramp up to normal speed, a sort of electrical firestorm can take hold and it can make you feel:

  • Nervous
  • Sensitive
  • Jittery
  • Anxious
  • Aggressive

Follow Through on the Recovery Process

While detox can help you to get sober, you’ll need the help of a therapist in order to stay sober. After all, detox deals only with the physical portion of addiction. You’ll need counseling in order to deal with the mental changes that keep you hooked on drinking.

The counseling you’ll receive will depend heavily on the reasons for your alcoholism, along with the stresses you deal with on a regular basis. For example, at Futures of Palm Beach, we can provide you with intensive psychotherapy that can help you to deal with traumatic episodes that took place early in life. If your addiction took hold due to a mental illness, on the other hand, we might provide you with different therapies like dialectical behavior therapy or family therapy. Personalized care like this is considered the best way in which to deal with an addiction to alcohol. You’re an individual, with your own history and your own preferences, and that should be addressed in the treatments you receive.

Dealing with an addiction to alcohol isn’t easy, but we’d like to help you to get started on the journey. Please call us at Futures of Palm Beach to find out more.

The Futures Difference

Some services listed may not be included in our core program. An admissions counselor will be able to provide you a complete list of core services. Information provided for educational purposes. Premium services or programs may be arranged through your therapist or case manager.