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How Family Members Play a Role in Recovery

familyDuring treatment, the family might be asked to play a role, by participating in therapy and learning how to amend destructive family behaviors, but the family might also be asked to help when the treatment program is over and the person returns home once more.

Examining Patterns

All families are different, and people who suffer from addiction can also differ from one another in ways both large and small. As a result, it’s hard to state exactly what families will need to accomplish in their therapy programs, as each family might have its own set of issues to examine and work through.

In family therapy sessions, the group can examine family patterns that may have contributed to or enabled the abuse, and what might be done to amend them in the future. Families can learn how to communicate clearly and support one another lovingly. In addition, families can also learn more about addiction, and they can come up with effective plans they can put into place if the person with the addiction begins to exhibit unhealthy symptoms in the future.

Remaining Available

When formal treatment programs are complete, the person might still struggle with lingering urges to use. Being thrust back into an environment that once supported the addiction can be difficult, causing intense cravings, pressure and pain. Family members can help by remaining available and understanding. They can listen to the person discuss all of these thoughts and feelings, working hard to avoid placing blame or making judgments about the thoughts. Family members can also prompt the person they love to go to support group meetings or call a counselor when the pressure seems too high for the person to handle alone.

Just providing emotional support can be the best gift that family members can give. Living with someone who has an addiction can be a challenge, and family members sometimes feel as though they don’t quite know what to say or do to help the person they love. At Futures of Palm Beach, we can help. We provide family education workshops that can help families to understand substance abuse and addiction and learn how to help. Call us today to find out more.

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