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Expert Interviews

Addiction Resources: Expert Interviews

At Futures, we continually seek out clinical and medical experts to discuss new and ongoing research on cutting-edge treatments. These interviews can provide important insights into new discoveries and trends in the addiction treatment field.

Talking with the Experts

Proposed Florida Legislation and the Impact on Sober Living Options

In the past year, legislation was proposed to regulate sober living and recovery residences in the state of Florida. Currently unregulated by federal or state laws, some recovery residences seek voluntary certification through Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), but a few state lawmakers[…]

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Role of a Recovery Coach

An Interview with Ryan Miller, NCRC II What is the role of a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach? The role of a recovery coach is very different than a therapist or sponsor. Therapists are interested in feelings, the past, and underlying issues that lead to self-destructive and addictive behaviors. Also, therapists charge for their services and[…]

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Exercise and Addiction Recovery

An Interview with Ryan Miller, NCRC II Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of regular physical activity and good nutrition for people in drug or alcohol treatment. In light of this research, institutions like Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Drug Abuse now endorse the importance of exercise in maintaining an abstinent[…]

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Personalized Treatment

For those suffering from substance abuse and addiction issues, evidence-based care at a leading rehabilitation facility can mean the difference between a chance at a healthy, balanced future and continuing down a path of destruction and heartache. Leading experts agree with the National Institute on Drug Abuse that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for those[…]

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