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Addiction Research and Expert Interviews

It can be a challenge to sort through all the research and information available on addiction and treatment, so we’ve assembled a selection of articles, studies, interviews informative treatment and facility videos to provide insights.

Addiction Research

There is a wealth of debate, research and expert opinions on the subject of addiction. To help you make sense of it all, we actively scour current studies, statistics and other applicable data on the subjects of drugs, alcohol, addiction and treatment.

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Expert Interviews

At Futures, we continually seek out clinical and medical experts to discuss new and ongoing research on cutting-edge treatments. These interviews can provide important insights into the new discoveries and trends in the addiction treatment field.

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From our approach to addiction treatment to our luxury facility tour, learn more about Futures by watching our informative videos.

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Resources for Family Members

Helping a loved one with addiction can be a difficult task. We have resources for family members and loved ones to help you understand your part in the process of recovery. From intervention to what to expect when your loved one enters treatment, you can find the answers here.

Resources for Out-of-State-Admissions

Choosing a treatment facility away from your environment can be the best thing for a successful recovery. Learn about the considerations when choosing a treatment facility away from home and how Futures can help.

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