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Treatment Amenities

massage therapyWhen you’re looking for help for an addiction or mental illness, there are both public and private options available to you. Private treatment facilities offer specialized, highly individualized recovery programs with one-on-one counseling and alternative therapies for your needs. Think of it like the difference between a private and public college. While the public ones can be just as effective as private centers, a more intimate setting allows for each individual to receive more attention and personalized care. If you’re in need of receiving help for a substance abuse problem, mental illness, or eating disorder, take into account the programs offered by each facility. Many inpatient and outpatient centers offer vocational training, coping skills and management, stress management, and family counseling. Resort-like treatment centers differentiate themselves from general private facilities based on the amenities offered and the accommodations for each individual. Living quarters for luxury treatment residents are often plush and refined, with the person’s relaxation in mind. Sometimes family, work or daily pressures can serve as a substance use trigger, so a calm and inviting atmosphere is frequently used to put an individual at ease.

Benefits of a Luxury Treatment Center

The above description might seem like a vacation, but it’s not. The services and living quarters at a facility like Futures allow a person to be in a neutral, calming environment while receiving special attention for his or her needs. With a small staff-to-client ratio, all persons seeking help for addiction or illness can get the attention needed to fully recover. The focus is to provide comprehensive care that gets to the root of the addiction or negative behavior. Alternative treatment amenities like art therapy or hypnosis can also help by exploring other avenues of a person’s psyche and cognitive developments. Through acting out different scenarios, having an animal “buddy,” or painting expressively, people undergoing help for addiction and illness can discover new ways to relieve stress and cope with abstinence.

Why Choose Futures of Palm Beach for Treatment?

Futures of Palm Beach offers residents a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere in which to receive top-quality treatment for substance abuse, addiction or co-occurring disorders. Our personalized recovery plans include a variety of counseling and treatment options to best suit your needs. Our primary focus is on your overall well-being. You’ll receive both the emotional and clinical support you need for the recovery process. This includes meal planning, personal training, one-on-one counseling sessions, behavioral therapy, and spa-level relaxation. If you need medically assisted detoxification, we can help with that too. The recovery process is long-term and because of that, our staff provides post-treatment follow-up care to check on your continued progress. Our clients are important to us inside and outside of our facility; we expect and hope to see you after treatment. Even after you leave our treatment center, we’ll check up on you to provide ongoing support services. So, if you’re thinking about treatment for yourself or someone you love, call Futures today. We can match you with the best treatment approach for you. Recovery starts today, and it is imperative for a better future tomorrow.

Spa Like Amenities and Features

Futures of Palm Beach offers a variety of luxury amenities included in our residential treatment program. Paired with a comprehensive primary treatment plan, our Spa Like amenities provide an unmatched level of comfort to promote mental and physical wellness. Contact us today to check availability and learn more about our program.

Private Accommodations

  • Luxurious private suites with views of the pool and lush tropical landscape
  • All suites have private baths and showers with walk in closets
  • Wide screen TV in each room
  • Meals prepared daily by our own private chef

Luxurious Setting

  • State-of-the-art media room and theater
  • Numerous and spacious outdoor sitting areas with meditative Koi pond
  • Pool and jacuzzi on site
  • Use of laptops, wifi and cell phones (as clinically appropriate)

Relaxation Therapy

A full wellness center with:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Yoga
  • Other therapies to enhance relaxation and practice emotional regulation

Recreational Therapy

  • Full fitness center with private trainer (as clinically appropriate)
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Tennis courts
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