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Lifelong Continuum of Care

Addiction can be treated, but true recovery is a lifelong process. It’s estimated that as many as 85 percent of people who seek drug and alcohol treatment relapse within a year or treatment. Addiction, therefore, requires ongoing treatment and long-term aftercare programs. These types of treatments that focus on lifelong sobriety have a much greater chance of success when it comes to relapse prevention, and offer a person’s best chance at long-term recovery. That’s why at Futures, we provide ongoing care for our Alumni Community for the long-term, beyond just the first 30-90 days. Once you’re a part of our family, we’re with you every step of the way.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a type of patient-directed treatment that pairs each client with a recovery coach whose main aim is to keep the client focused on individual recovery goals. A relationship with a recovery coach is especially important in the early days of recovery because the coach can help ease the transition back into regular life, including with things like navigating social situations and managing the stresses of everyday life.

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Relapse Prevention

The main goal of our relapse prevention program is to teach clients how to manage triggers. Triggers include things like work, the holidays, finances, favorite bars, and other things that cause stress or remind a person of using, and that might prompt a relapse. In relapse prevention, clients learn valuable skills like identifying individual triggers and more effective coping mechanisms to deal with them.

How can Relapse Prevention Help?

Sober Living and Transitional Living

Inpatient programs are a very effective way for people to get sober when they’re struggling with addiction because it’s a sober and temptation-free environment. But not everybody is ready to get right back into regular life after inpatient treatment, and that’s where transitional and sober living environments can help. These temporary homes are places where former addicts can live together and get access to continued support and treatment, and they also have rules and guidelines in place to keep residents safe and sober.

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Aftercare at Futures of Palm Beach

Futures has dedicated aftercare programs are designed to provide clients with ongoing support. When clients leave Futures, they’re assigned a recovery coach who will be available for ongoing support. Clients also become part of the alumni group, which is a thriving community of people in recovery who can come together to provide support for each other and to celebrate their sobriety in healthy and productive ways. Futures also has Days of Ascent, a program that provides alumni with lifelong access to programs. Multiple times each year, alumni are invited to the facility for two days of free therapy and social activities with other clients and alumni.

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Futures of Palm Beach is dedicated to providing individuals with a continuum of care because recovery is something that people must actively strive for every day. Addiction is a manageable disease, but successful recovery requires ongoing treatment and lifelong access to programs that support and encourage long-term sobriety, and that’s what we aim to provide.

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