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Addiction Breaks Families. Recovery Restores Connections. 

Family and loved ones can be an important part of the recovery process. In addition, it’s important for those around the person struggling with addiction to get the help they need to take care of their own well-being. Our resources can help.


Family Involvement

When patients are supported in their treatment and recovery by family, they significantly increase their chances of long-term success. Through educational workshops designed to provide information to family members, therapy sessions both with and without the patient, and visitation days, families can be

involved in the recovery process from start to finish and become effective in helping their loved ones stay the course when they return home. Our family intensive and counseling sessions set our program apart from others with:

  • Two-day family intensive program
  • Contact with the client’s primary therapist by invitation from the client
  • Family counseling sessions included at some program levels
  • Remote participation in family sessions via secure online web portals.

At Futures, we’re here to help you support your loved one throughout the recovery process.

When you or someone you love is ready for recovery, call our referral line. We’re ready to help.


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How to Hold an Intervention

The majority of the damage a family endures from drug abuse takes place behind closed doors. While families might struggle with finances, emotional health and unity on a daily basis, they might put on a brave face for the world, as though nothing was wrong. Even so, people who drink sometimes engage in behaviors that spill out of the private sphere into public spaces.

Interventions and Family Mediation >>


The Family’s Role in Recovery

No one is immune to the reality of drug abuse and addiction. At some point in our lives most of us will encounter this stark reality either personally or with someone we know. What discerns curious experimentation from that of dangerous and addictive behavior is a fine line. While each individual varies in tolerance levels and resiliency, long-term drug abuse will eventually cause physical, emotional and mental damage, some of which is irreversible.

How Family Member’s Play a Role in Recovery >>



Are You Helping and Enabling Your Loved One?

We see this scenario time and time again. Families think they’re helping the addict when they’re actually making things worse. A habitual drug user will take your money, your charity, your time and your energy, and they’ll leave you completely drained. They’ll break your heart, and they’ll break their promises. How you respond to an addict’s behavior is crucial to veering them off the path they’re on.

The Difference Between Helping and Enabling >>

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