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For Professionals: What to Expect

Admissions: For Professionals

Every call you make to our program is of the highest priority. We provide you with one phone number to our Admissions Concierge, who will be available to arrange for your clients admission and answer your questions around the clock.

We understand that, in many cases, you will need to make an admission in an urgent situation that requires immediate action. Our Concierge will work with you to ensure both a timely and efficient process.

We aim to provide you with the highest customer service that includes immediate communication, participation in treatment team via HIPPA compliant media and participation in discharge planning. We have developed this process for professionals that feel our treatment program may be a better fit for someone.

Call our Admissions Center 24 hours a day (866) 351-7588

What you need to know for professionals

  • We have two separate programs; one for just addiction, and one for addiction and co-occurring disorders
  • Futures specializes in co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other personality disorders.
  • All of our primary and family therapists are PhD or experienced masters level clinicians.
  • Clients receive a minimum of 3 hours per week of individual therapy. 2 Hours with their primary Therapist and 1 Hour of Relapse prevention and case management.
  • Clients receive numerous additional hours of individual work with psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, dietitians, personal trainers and addiction counselors. Individual family therapy, acupuncture, massage and life coaching are available at some program levels or as à la carte services.
  • We provide a comprehensive introduction to DBT including an overview and weekly two hour sessions.
  • We will help the client make travel arrangements and pick them up in a private car at the airport or if residing locally, at their current place of residence.
  • Payment for services is to be arranged prior to admission.
  • Lab work is required for all Eating Disorder clients.
  • If the client requires detox they will be admitted to our 24 hour RN-staffed medical observation wing and, once it is medically safe to do so, they will enter the program.
  • As long as a release is signed, we include the referring professional in weekly treatment team meetings and have regular and ongoing communication with you to ensure you are up to date on your clients treatment and involved with discharge planning.
  • In addition to individual therapy sessions, clients spend their day in interactive group sessions and process groups. Our clinically intensive program is outcomes based and highly engaging.

Some services listed may not be included in our core program. An admissions counselor will be able to provide you a complete list of core services. Information provided for educational purposes. Premium services or programs may be arranged through your therapist or case manager.