Choosing to recover from substance abuse is no small matter. While recovery is within your reach, long-term healing requires discipline and dedication. Sometimes it takes a big step, such as traveling out of state to receive treatment in the best setting possible, to jump-start real change.

Considerations for Choosing a Treatment Facility Away From Home

When researching treatment centers outside your home area, consider these questions:

  • What is the philosophy or mission statement of the treatment center? Do you share their values?
  • What is the proximity of the treatment center to your daily life? Is the distance feasible? Will the distance from family and friends hinder or help you?
  • Where is the specific location of the facility? Does the particular location feel conducive to your healing needs?
  • What additional amenities does the facility offer? Do the rooms and accommodations feel safe and supportive?

Your Way to Recovery with Compelling Reasons to Travel Out-of-State For Treatment

Quality care.

Most inpatient, high-end treatment programs are located in serene, private settings. The location, combined with a skilled staff of medical doctors, therapists, dieticians and holistic specialists, creates a community that is conducive for healing. The typical duration for inpatient treatment spans anywhere from one to six months. During this delicate time, nurses, doctors and therapists are readily available to assist in the recovery process. While an individual can piece-meal a treatment team, it is more efficient to utilize the skills of a staff already trained in treating patients together. While inpatient programs can be pricey, the quality of treatment and the long-term savings in terms of overall health, happiness and earning potential are well worth the monetary investment.

Sense of community.

Recovering from an addiction can feel daunting. While doctors, therapists and dieticians provide empathy, it can be immensely helpful to relate to others who are in your situation. Thus, having the consistent support of others working to overcome their addiction is an invaluable component to the recovery process. Top-quality inpatient treatment facilities include group therapy as an integral part of the healing process. By choosing to travel away from home and commit to living in a residential treatment facility that specializes in addiction treatment, you are taking a big step on a more comprehensive recovery journey.

Removal from triggers.

The destructive decisions to restrict, binge or purge are symptomatic of deeper psychological issues. At the root of most substance abuse issues are anxiety, depression, pain and trauma, all of which require time and energy to heal. Typically, an individual’s addictive behavior is triggered by events, people, or specific situations that elicit uncomfortable emotions. By choosing to travel away from what is familiar and safe, an individual can focus solely on recovery in a fresh environment.