Woman holding wine glass
June 27th 2016

Alcohol Help is waiting. Treat your addiction in a Florida (FL) rehab center

When seeking help for an alcohol addiction, residential treatment centers are able to provide benefits not experienced through other environments or programs of rehabilitation. Many people initially consider entering a residential rehab close to their own community. But getting away from home can be one of the best decisions made at this time, to provide […]

June 25th 2016

Am I in need of a substance abuse assessment prior to entering rehab?

A substance abuse assessment is usually the first step to entering drug or alcohol detox, as well as for entry to residential rehab. Information derived from this assessment provides treatment professionals with a clear view of a user’s particular substance abuse problems, if addiction is present, how pervasive the addiction is and whether co-occurring disorders […]

Reflection of the girl in the window
June 23rd 2016

American Rural Communities are Fighting Opiate Addiction

In an article in Marketplace, an online publication by American Public Media (APM) in association with the University of Southern California, Lizzie O’Leary reported on how opiate addiction is challenging social services and budgets of small communities in rural America. Opiate Addiction, as Tied to Poverty Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is no stranger to […]

man having presentation at seminar
June 21st 2016

How Congress is Addressing the Heroin Addiction Epidemic

The heroin addiction crisis in America is taking hold of political campaigns and throughout Capitol Hill. Intelligence agency leaders reported to lawmakers that opioids are one of the top threats to the United States in 2016, according to a recent Huffington Post article. In fact, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and his FBI counterpart, […]

Stressed woman
June 19th 2016

How does heroin kill you? The facts about heroin overdose

CNN reported that at the top of the list for deaths among illegal drug users, heroin kills one in ten users who overdose. The number of deaths from heroin overdose is rising, as is the number of people using this dangerous drug. According to an article on, 4.2 million Americans over the age of […]

Sad woman at the window
June 17th 2016

How to know if you or a loved one are ready for substance abuse treatment

There comes a time for most drug users when they realize that they are ready for substance abuse treatment. This may be a realization without a major event, or when they know they’ve reached their personal rock bottom. It could be a close call with an overdose or law enforcement. That moment of recognizing the […]

eating disorder
June 15th 2016

Speak with a Substance Abuse Counselor About the Steps to Recovery

A substance abuse counselor will become your closest ally in recovery after entering substance abuse treatment. You will find yourself relying upon their insight and experience as a trusted source of answers to many of your questions. When speaking with a substance abuse counselor about entering treatment, or just after you begin rehabilitation, it may […]

addiction recovery
June 11th 2016

Where Can I Find Addiction Treatment for My College-Age Son

College is an exhilarating time of novel experiences. Young adults cultivate new relationships that play a formative role in their adult lives. The educational aspect is also riveting, in that a student’s intellect is challenged and pushed in new directions. Unfortunately, many students feel a great deal of pressure to thrive academically, work and manage […]

Woman with glass of wine
June 9th 2016

Alcohol Addiction in New Hampshire is Being Overshadowed by the Heroin Epidemic

In the Conway Daily Sun, a newspaper in the community of Conway, New Hampshire, a letter to the editor recently stood out among daily news stories. That letter, written by W. Kieran Cunningham, Ph.D., MLADC of North Conway, expressed concern that because the state has become so inundated by remedying the heroin addiction epidemic that […]

Lonely thoughtful girl
June 7th 2016

America’s Burgeoning Heroin Epidemic

According to an NBC News’ special report series called America’s Heroin Epidemic, heroin overdose deaths have quadrupled from 2002 to 2013. Despite these rapid growth rates for such perilous drug use, fewer users are seeking treatment. Only 11% of those abusing substances enter addiction treatment facilities, according to the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol […]

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What Does the Joint Commission Do? — The Joint Commission continuously improves health care for the public, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

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