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July 2017 Days of Ascent RSVP Deadline Approaching

  RSVP today for the Days of Ascent July event! DETAILS Days of Ascent  – July 2017 Offering Thursday, July 13th, 2017 – Friday, July 14th, 2017 Active* members of Futures’ alumni group and their families are invited back to Futures to partake in groups, activities, meals, and events with current clients and staff. Notable events include: Group[…]

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The Story Of Tim And TJ: Hope For Fathers This Father’s Day

The powerful story of a father’s unwavering support during his son’s struggle with addiction. It’s Father’s Day, and we want to honor fathers by focusing on the important role that they can play in their child’s addiction recovery process. On Mother’s Day, we heard the stories of Tina and Beth, two brave mothers who are[…]

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DUI- Now What?

How would you explain a DUI to children? — Debra Alessandra — On Feb 7, 2017, Fortune magazine had a story headlined: “3 Signs the US Liquor Business had a Great 2016”.  Turns out liquor sales had a sizable increase of 4 1/2%.  Of course, it’s a short step from escalating liquor sales to considering[…]

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Benzo Withdrawal

How to survive detox and beat addiction. Benzodiazepines, known as benzos, are a broad class of drugs often prescribed for anxiety, stress, panic disorders, seizures and sleep disorders. These drugs act on the central nervous system as depressants, specifically targeting the GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) neurotransmitters in the brain. Five Most Prescribed Benzos Alprazolam (Xanax)[…]

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Alcohol Recovery Timeline

Alcohol addiction kills, but beating addiction is possible. Chances for recovery improve by understanding what to expect during treatment. Alcohol addiction can be devastating; families, loved ones and the alcoholic often suffer incomprehensible pain. Recovering from alcohol addiction can be tough. Having a comprehensive plan and an understanding of a typical alcohol recovery timeline are[…]