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Family Intensive

When patients are supported in their treatment and recovery by family members, they significantly increase their chances of long-term success. In almost every therapeutic recovery program – but especially in the cases of co-occurring disorders and substance abuse – the patient always fares better after treatment when they have had the support of their loved ones along the way. Through educational workshops designed to provide information to family members, therapy sessions both with and without the patient, and visitation days, families can be involved in the recovery process from start to finish and become effective in helping their loved ones stay the course when they return home.

Family Education Workshops

Educational workshops that focus on the behavioral, medical and psychological effects of co-occurring disorders or addiction to drugs and alcohol can help family members to better understand what their loved ones are experiencing. Workshops that focus on the different aspects and goals of treatment for these issues can also aid parents, spouses and other family members in understanding what it is that the patient needs to commit to in terms of behaviors in order to be successful in recovery – this allows them to provide effective support rather than inadvertently enabling a return to disordered habits.

Family Therapy Sessions

Sitting down with the entire family can be beneficial for the patient as well as family members who have been negatively impacted by their loved ones disorders. Goals may include:

  • Addressing past issues that are affecting the present
  • Working to rebuild trust
  • Learning how to more effectively communicate when there’s a problem
  • Agreeing on how to make changes that will help the patient avoid bad habits and drug and alcohol abuse at home

Family Day Visits

Visits from family can be something to look forward to for patients in both residential and outpatient treatment programs. Attending visitation days, meals held for family members, and attending ceremonial events for the patient can increase the patient’s sense of confidence and improve relationships within the family. The family’s regular participation in treatment events can also increase the family’s support network as they attempt to navigate the ins and outs of recovery with their loved one.

Family Support Groups

Attending support groups designed for family members of those living with an co-occurring disorder or addiction issue can be instrumental in helping all involved to heal. Benefits include:

  • Learning from the successes, tips and failures of others
  • Building a community with other family members who are living through the same struggles
  • Having a safe place to vent frustrations, ask questions and ask for help
  • Access to the guidance and suggestions of a mental health treatment professional who specializes in the care of those struggling with co-occurring disorders and/or substance abuse

The More Involved the Family Is in Treatment, the More Effective Treatment Will Be

Even when families are far away from the treatment center, they can still take part in family intensive options. Though regular family therapy sessions may not be possible, it is still effective to attend family visitation weeks that include workshops and therapy sessions as well as support groups. Attending support groups at home can also be helpful.

Get Involved With Your Loved One’s Treatment Process

Recovering from an co-occurring disorder or substance abuse disorder is not easy. Your loved one will need all the help they can get – just knowing that you are standing by and supportive can be hugely helpful as they go through the process of treatment. Contact us at Futures today to learn more about our options for family members who wish to provide positive and healing support to their loved ones in recovery.