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Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is a devastating disease that rob people of joy, money, community, and family.

When a person or a family decides it’s time to get help, there are many  treatment options available to fit each individual’s needs. Among the most successful possibilities for getting the help needed is inpatient addiction treatment.

What Is Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient treatment, also called residential treatment, refers to a specific type of addiction treatment in which the client is provided with 24-hour care at a live-in facility.  This should not be confused with hospitalization.  Inpatient or residential treatment provides continuous, personalized care at a specialized addiction treatment center.  During their stay, clients will receive a number of different types of treatment, including medical detox, individual therapy, group therapy, wellness training, and more.  After inpatient treatment, clients will often go on to participate in aftercare or outpatient treatment.

inpatient addiction treatment
Futures Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

No two clients are alike, meaning it’s crucial for recovery to find the program that best fits the individual’s needs and struggles. Choosing an inpatient program should involve careful research and personal clarity on which program will be most effective. Engaging with a treatment program that doesn’t fit the needs of the client in question can result in poorer outcomes, and lead very quickly to relapse.

Futures believes in a whole-person approach to inpatient addiction treatment. Addiction and substance abuse disorders are complex diseases with multifaceted causes. As such, treatment needs to focus not only on the substance itself, but the contributing psychological, social, physiological, emotional, and environmental factors. For example, many clients suffer from co-occurring disorders that also need to be treated simultaneously in order to foster successful recovery.

This multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment extends to the need for recovery in a comfortable, low stress environment. It’s important to find a program where the client feels safe, cared for, and understood. Taking into consideration the whole identity, needs, and struggles of each client, Futures has a staff of experienced, qualified professionals. Our staff is comprised of medical, clinical, and addiction treatment specialists, as well as a service and support staff committed to making recovery as safe, comfortable, and successful as possible. With different treatment programs and a variety of options, clients and their families can select individualized options for inpatient addiction treatment to fit their needs.

Futures Drug Addiction Treatment Program

For those suffering from drug addiction, Futures offers a full inpatient treatment program that includes medically assisted detox, during and after which the client receives psychological support, as well as group and personal therapy. Retreating to the relaxing, resort-like atmosphere at Futures can help clients to avoid the triggers of their daily lives as they learn strategies to cope with the urges to use their preferred substance. Futures has experience treating clients who struggle with addiction to a variety of drugs, including amphetamines, bath salts, club drugs, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, designer drugs, DMT, ecstasy, flakka, inhalants, LSD, opiates, PCP, spice, and prescription drugs.

Futures Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Although some people think that alcohol addiction is not as serious as drug addiction, since alcohol can be purchased legally, alcoholism is also a very serious disease that destroys lives and requires professional treatment. The definition of alcohol addiction is predicated not on how much or how frequently an individual consumes alcohol but is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her. Alcohol addiction is treatable, and by tailoring the right plan to each client, Futures has a track record of success with clients living sober, fulfilling lives.

Inpatient Treatment at Futures: Why It Works

Individualized Treatment

Futures understands that each person’s situation is unique. Just like no two individuals respond to medication for asthma the same way, no two clients will find the exact same inpatient addiction treatment effective. That’s the Futures difference. We know that no two people walk the same path into substance addiction disorders, and no two people will find exactly the same tools helpful on their journey to sobriety. In order to serve the diverse needs of every client who walks through our doors, Futures offers a variety of treatment services, including education classes, individual therapy, group therapy, art and wellness workshops and therapy — all of which occur throughout the week as part of a personally tailored treatment schedule.

The programs offered at Futures are intensive and clinically based, and use scientifically proven methods which help clients to cope with their triggers and learn to change their behavior as they progress towards living a clean and sober lifestyle. These treatments focus on the client as a whole person with important physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. In addition to clinically based treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, the staff at Futures uses evidence based methods such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, to address disorders in clients suffering from co-occurring issues.

Experienced Staff

The staff at Futures is made up of a fully trained, certified, and experienced team of professionals who care deeply about the welfare and success of their clients. These treatment specialists include:

  • Medical Staff: Doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners are all top-notch, caring medical professionals who are dedicated to helping clients detox safely and stay healthy throughout their treatment.
  • Clinical Staff: Psychotherapists and case managers whose passion is to help clients change their way of thinking and interacting with themselves, their families, and their communities. Clinical staff members also help clients address underlying psychological, traumatic, or emotional issues that may contribute to the client’s addiction. Masters-level mental health treatment provided by the nurturing clinical staff is an important component of recovery.
  • Wellness Staff: Fitness instructors, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, and other wellness providers help clients to focus on their personal, physical, and spiritual needs as individuals learning to live a clean and sober lifestyle.

inpatient addiction treatment

Futures strives to provide a treatment center that is as peaceful and relaxing as possible, providing clients a low stress environment in which to recover. Unlike many other residential addiction treatment facilities, Futures clients each stay in private bedrooms, with their own private bathroom, and walk-in closet. The importance of having personal space can be a major relief to clients who might feel overwhelmed in centers with roommates or bunks.

The relaxing atmosphere of Futures of Palm Beach cultivates a sense of peace and wellness. Other amenities that contribute to this luxurious setting include outdoor sitting spaces, a koi pond for meditation, a swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a viewing room to watch movies as well as five-star dining. All meals at Futures are prepared by chefs who are experts in healthy, gourmet cooking.

inpatient addiction treatment

For clients who find themselves most at peace while being physically active, Futures also has a state of the art fitness center, as well as tennis and volleyball courts. Those who find themselves in need of other wellness treatments may take advantage of massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and yoga classes offered on site. Learn more about the amenities at Futures.


Detoxification is the first step towards sobriety, and often one that is the most frightening for those suffering from a substance use disorder. Futures knows that the safest way for our clients to detox is under medical supervision in a residential setting. Depending on the client’s substance of choice, as well as the severity of detox symptoms, the client may be prescribed medication to help ease the process.

Detoxification is not in and of itself treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, but it is an important first step. Detoxing under medical supervision is safe and effective. Futures has a 24 hour a day medical staff and supervision for both detoxification purposes and the other health needs of clients in our inpatient addiction treatment program.

Options for Length of Stay

The length of time a client needs to stay will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the severity of the addiction and any other identified mental health concerns. The clinical and medical staff evaluates each new client, and makes treatment recommendations based on their assessments.

Follow-Up Care

After discharge from inpatient addiction treatment, many clients find it hard to maintain sobriety without extra help. This is normal, and extremely common, especially in the first 30 to 90 days after exiting a formal, full-time treatment environment. This is why Futures recommends a comprehensive aftercare plan for our clients, including both formal (therapeutic groups and individual sessions) and informal (self care strategies to prevent relapse) measures. With help from friends, family, professionals, and others recovering from addiction, Futures alumni can go on to lead healthy, productive, and sober lives.

Financial Considerations

One of the many concerns for individuals and families considering inpatient addiction treatment is the financial aspect. Futures understands that financial constraints are a very real hindrance to many people in need of treatment, and as such, has a variety of financing options available.

Payment Options

The actual cost of treatment at Futures varies according to the length of stay and treatment course selected. There are several options for paying for treatment. For those who are able, privately paying for treatment up front is the first option. Another possibility is working with insurance benefits to see if any parts of the cost of treatment is covered under an existing policy. Finally, for those who don’t have the money to pay up front, financing in the form of a payment plan is available. Our admissions staff is available 7 days a week to answer any specific questions regarding financing or insurance benefits.

Getting Started in an Inpatient Program at Futures

Contact Futures of Palm Beach about getting started in an inpatient program. To talk with a Professional Admissions Counselor, call 866.351.7588. Make sure to have some time set aside to make the call, as the counselor will have lots of questions.

After speaking with an admissions counselor, a 100% confidential patient assessment will be scheduled. This assessment will take into account the client’s medical, psychological, and financial needs when determining a course of treatment and length of stay.

Finally, as one prepares for admission, make sure to bring all current medication, photo ID, current insurance cards, and if not using private financing, a payment method. This will make the transition into the program as smooth and simple as possible.

To speak with an admissions counselor today about any questions or concerns, or to schedule an evaluation, please call us at 866.351.7588.

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