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Holistic Addiction Treatment

A growing trend in healthcare is holistic treatment, sometimes referred to as alternative medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 65 to 80 percent of the US population use holistic treatments as a primary form of healthcare. In addiction treatment specifically, this type of care has seen a significant increase, as well.

Holistic Addiction Treatment is any type of care or therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit. These therapies are meant to complement traditional addiction treatment methods like medical detox, counseling, and therapy.

Though more research needs to be done to understand how and why holistic treatments are so effective, it has been shown that holistic care can improve outcomes, as people report having more positive feelings regarding their residential treatment and therefore are more likely to maintain recovery.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic Addiction Treatment is an addiction treatment plan that includes integrated physical, mental, and spiritual programs to treat substance abuse and addiction. Holistic treatment can address both the root underlying causes of addiction (such as pain or stress) and the individual as a whole.

Holistic Therapies offered at Futures of Palm Beach:

Benefits of Holistic Care in Addiction Treatment

  • Treat physical symptoms of addiction: Holistic care can address the physical symptoms of addiction. Physical therapy and Yoga can both help to identify pain points, reduce pain through improved blood flow, muscle strength and flexibility, and teach you new ways to deal with the pain.
  • Emotional balance and regulation: Meditation has been shown to vastly improve emotional regulation, a key element in addiction treatment at Futures of Palm Beach and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).
  • Spirituality: Often connecting with one’s spirituality (or connecting for the first time) can be a critical part of recovery. Accepting something greater than one’s self, whether it’s religious or simply in the form of letting go of control, can be transformative. Yoga, breath work, and meditation can help even the least religious person find a form of spirituality that resonates.
  • Healthy eating habits: At Futures, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity for not only a life of recovery but a healthy life, as well. Food is medicine, so nutritional counseling is an integral part of every client’s program.
  • Identify causes: Holistic treatment searches for the root cause(s) of addiction. Addiction is never as simple as isolated acts of taking a drug or drinking. Each individual who struggles with addiction is unique and complex, and each aspect of him/her is affected by addiction. The cause of addiction can never simply be explained by the desire or habit to use substances. By addressing the body, mind, and spirit, holistic treatment seeks to understand the complex circumstances and factors that have caused and fueled substance use disorder.
  • Build resistance to cravings: Holistic treatment helps build resistance to cravings by promoting the overall wellness of the individual and building a foundation of healthy coping skills. The more an individual’s overall health is addressed holistically, the more tools there are for him/her to resist the urge of cravings and/or to use.
  • Promote physical fitness: Physical wellness plays a crucial role in a continuous, successful recovery. A healthy body experiences fewer and less severe cravings and has more resources with which to abstain from substance use and contribute to self-care. Physical well-being is an essential element in the holistic health of the individual. Any neglect of physical fitness can contribute to negative emotions and poor decisions.
  • Gain and increase self-confidence: A benefit of holistic addiction treatment is that it boosts self-confidence by promoting the health of the entire individual. When an individual is physically fit, emotionally supported and spiritually centered, then he/she will have a more positive sense of self. Belief in the self begins when an individual truly loves and cares for him/herself, and a holistic approach shows each client what steps can be taken for sustainable self-care.
  • Reduce and eliminate the appeal of substance use: Substance use often stems from a lack of positive/healthy self-care, as it is an attempt to fill a void that grows with isolation, a lack of support and unaddressed needs. Holistic treatment shows clients how to anticipate, identify and address his/her needs and desires. The more a person’s physical, mental and spiritual needs are met, the less inclined he/she is to engage in substance use.
  • A welcoming environment: A sterile room with minimal human interaction provides little to no support for a sustainable recovery. However, a holistic approach fosters the welcoming, supportive and encouraging environment that’s essential for a positively transformative treatment process.
  • Continuing care environment: Recovery is a process, not an event. Holistic treatment approaches recovery as an ongoing lifestyle and provides the resources required for a life of continued care.

Holistic care is accessible to everyone at Futures of Palm Beach, and, in conjunction with our traditional treatment therapies, helps our clients to have the best opportunity to leave treatment ready to live a life of recovery and wellness.

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