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Holistic Addiction Treatment

This is why holistic addiction treatment is so effective.

Holistic addiction treatment addresses all of the major components of an individual’s life that are affected by addiction and which play an essential role in his/her well-being. Holistic treatment focuses on the health of the individual’s mind, body and spirit. Holistic addiction treatment is more of an approach than a treatment: an approach that widens the scope of healing and recovery so that the physical, mental and spiritual components of the client can recover, heal, and grow in strength.

What are the goals of holistic addiction treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment offers a diverse selection of therapeutic options that work in tandem with traditional forms of addiction treatment. For example, a holistic approach may provide yoga and meditation, in addition to detoxification services, to help manage the stress and anxiety that can trigger urges to return to substance use. Examples of various treatments offered as part of a holistic treatment program include:

A holistic approach to addiction treatment is designed to meet the following main objectives:

  • Identify causes: Holistic treatment searches for the root cause(s) of addiction. Addiction is never as simple as isolated acts of taking a drug or imbibing alcohol. Each individual who struggles with addiction is unique and complex, and each aspect of him/her is affected by addiction. The cause of addiction can never simply be explained by the desire or habit to use substances. By addressing the body, mind and spirit, holistic treatment seeks to understand the complex circumstances and factors that have caused and fueled substance use disorder.
  • Build resistance to cravings: Holistic treatment helps build resistance to cravings by promoting the overall wellness of the individual and building a foundation of healthy coping skills. The more an individual’s overall health is addressed holistically, the more tools there are for him/her to resist the urge of cravings and/or to use.
  • Promote physical fitness: Physical wellness plays a crucial role in a continuous, successful recovery. A healthy body experiences fewer and less severe cravings and has more resources with which to abstain from substance use and contribute to self-care. Physical well-being is an essential element in the holistic health of the individual. Any neglect of physical fitness can contribute to negative emotions and poor decisions.
  • Gain and increase self-confidence: A benefit of holistic addiction treatment is that it boosts self-confidence by promoting the health of the entire individual. When an individual is physically fit, emotionally supported and spiritually centered, then he/she will have a more positive sense of self. Belief in self begins when an individual truly loves and cares for him/herself, and a holistic approach shows each client what steps can be taken for sustainable self-care.
  • Reduce and eliminate the appeal of substance use: Substance use often stems from a lack of positive/healthy self-care, as it is an attempt to fill a void that grows with isolation, a lack of support and unaddressed needs. Holistic treatment shows clients how to anticipate, identify and address his/her needs and desires. The more a person’s physical, mental and spiritual needs are met, the less inclined he/she is to engage in substance use.

How does Holistic Addiction Treatment work?

Holistic addiction treatment never operates as a substitute for basic treatment elements, such as detoxification, counseling and therapy. Rather, a holistic treatment approach builds on these indispensable treatment approaches. The essentials of addiction treatment, such as detoxification and therapy, form the backbone of every robust and effective treatment program. They are necessary to the foundation of a successful recovery.

However, holistic treatment adds to these essential elements of a basic treatment program by  incorporating other elements into the process of addiction recovery. By incorporating holistic treatments, addiction treatment programs have a much better chance of meeting all of the clients’ needs. The holistic approach is established on the reality that each client is a complex person who operates in complex webs of encounters, experiences and relationships. Individuals are constantly influenced by internal and external facets of life and, in turn, they affect everything that they encounter. As a result, holistic treatments are effective because they treat clients as complex agents by striving to address the diversity of needs and factors involved in addiction and recovery.

Holistic treatment, therefore, is not an alternative to traditional treatment but, rather complements traditional treatment by addressing important factors that fall outside the scope of traditional treatment programs. For example, if an individual is going through alcohol detoxification, holistic treatment can incorporate yoga into his/her daily routine to help quell the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Likewise, if an individual used opioids to treat physical pain, then a holistic approach may incorporate acupuncture into the treatment program to relieve the pain that triggers the urge to return to opioid use.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

There are many profound benefits of holistic treatment, such as:

  • Extensive combinations of treatments: Holistic treatment offers complex and unique combinations of treatments to treat complex and unique clients. Holistic addiction treatment provides a diverse array of treatment options in order to foster the flexibility required to tailor treatment programs to the needs of each individual.
  • Treatment for the whole mind/body/self: Holistic treatment treats the client in all of his/her multifaceted complexity. It does not merely address the physical symptoms and actions involved in substance use disorder, but helps shape a person’s mind, body and spiritual self. Holistic treatment is the most effective strategy for actualizing comprehensive healing and recovery.
  • A welcoming environment: A sterile room with minimal human interaction provides little to no support for a sustainable recovery. However, a holistic approach fosters the welcoming, supportive and encouraging environment that’s essential for a positively transformative treatment process.
  • Continuing care environment: Recovery is a process, not an event. Holistic treatment approaches recovery as an ongoing lifestyle and provides the resources required for a life of continued care.

Learn More about Holistic Treatment Options

The holistic therapies that will most benefit a client will be determined by the client and their therapeutic team. Contact us today to get started with a personalized evaluation and diagnostic process and begin a journey toward a life of balance and freedom from addiction.

Some services listed may not be included in our core program. An admissions counselor will be able to provide a complete list of core services. Information provided for educational purposes. Premium services or programs may be arranged through the client’s therapist or case manager.

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