How Drug Detox Works and How It Can Be the Effective First Step to Sobriety

Men's Recovery DetoxFor some people, the steps involved in beating drug or alcohol addiction and becoming sober can seem like a long and daunting journey. However, advances in modern medicine and treatment techniques have made progressing to a sober lifestyle more realistic and easier than ever before. For many people, the first step of their addiction treatment begins with detox. The reason so many treatment plans begin with this step has to do with how drug detox works. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals with national health insurance plans such as Aetna, Humana, or Blue Cross Blue Shield may be able to have a large portion of their addiction treatment fully covered. This is especially true for individuals with PPO insurance plans where the freedom of choice is offered. If you’re suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, discovering how drug detox works will be to your benefit.

The Basics Of How Drug Detox Works If You’re Just Starting Treatment

Many controlled and abused substances require detox before treatment can truly begin. Individuals suffering from addiction to alcohol or another substance that causes physical addiction may find that detoxing from patterned abuse is easier in a residential or inpatient program. These programs offer full-time treatment for 30, 60, or 90 days, allowing individuals suffering from addiction to be continuously monitored and kept on track during detox and withdrawal. An intensive outpatient program will also likely begin with a monitored detox. This type of outpatient program often includes many days of scheduled treatment throughout each week, ensuring that individuals suffering from addiction continue to be monitored during the initial phase of treatment. This can be helpful for those who require coaching but may not experience the intense drug seeking behavior that a withdrawal from opiates might bring.

Staying Committed Is How Drug Detox Works Over The Long-Term

Any reputable treatment program will aim to curb patterned drug and alcohol abuse while also ensuring that individuals are capable of returning to society as functioning, healthy members. This often means that a primary directive of addiction treatment is to replace harmful habits with healthy ones that can work to maintain sobriety. These may include continuing to attend regular meetings or remaining engaged in one-on-one therapy. The bottom line for many individuals suffering from addiction is that continued commitment to their sobriety is required in order for them to remain free from drug or alcohol abuse. This required commitment is often one of the primary reasons why group-style therapy can be so important. Developing a network of others who can assist you during times of crisis or need can ensure that if your commitment begins to falter, your network of others can help you to stay on the path to sobriety.

Should I Keep Anything Else In Mind Regarding How Drug Detox Works?

In trying to truly understand how drug detox works and how you can benefit from it, sometimes the proper location is required. Florida is one of the best states in the country in which to receive addiction treatment, with residents from cities across the state like Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami looking for quality treatment. Many times, a change of location can be good for combating addiction and can help to break harmful habits quicker. Whether you require addiction treatment for yourself or you’re seeking services for a loved on, the best time to begin your addiction treatment is right now. Pick up the phone and call Futures of Palm Beach at 866-351-7588 to see what options you have when it comes to learning how drug detox works and how you can place yourself on the path to a sober tomorrow.

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