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Information for Addiction Professionals

Futures Empowers Professionals to Find Help For Clients,   Here’s How:

At Futures, we honor and respect the role that therapists, counselors, psychologists and mental-health professionals play in assisting clients who struggle with addiction. For this reason, we have established a referral program to help provide mental-wellness experts with information, tools and resources to assist their clients in need of structured treatment for addiction.

For mental health and addiction professionals who have conducted a SBIRT (or similar screening process) that indicate an addiction, we are here to assist with the next step – whether it’s organizing an intervention, or initiating the admissions process into treatment.

Most experts recognize that the ideal treatment facility is one that offers integrative approaches to addressing addiction. At Futures, we meet the unique and specialized needs of each individual by offering a variety of treatment and therapeutic options, including:

  • Addiction treatment tailored to clients with co-occurring disorders
  • Residential (Inpatient) treatment for clients who have an addiction (drugs and alcohol) in need of 24-hour structured care
  • Outpatient treatment for clients as an element of a care plan to continue to address addiction and mental health concerns/issues
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • DBT (including an overview and weekly sessions)
  • Individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, dietary and holistic services as well as the opportunity for acupuncture and massages
  • Group, family and 12-Step support and resources
  • Relapse prevention

More Ways We Can Help Professionals

Provided a client signs a release, we will ensure that all referring professionals receive ongoing communication regarding their client’s treatment, including weekly progress updates and discharge planning.

Need help arranging transportation for a client to our treatment facility? We can help facilitate a private car service for pick up. As previously mentioned, we also offer professional intervention services.

Futures also accommodates out of state clients, offering a fresh, safe environment free from the triggers of their home environment. Traveling to Futures for treatment also opens up the opportunity for clients to experience integrative therapeutic options, amenities and addiction specialization that may not be available in their home state (or close by).

As people know, detox is an extremely crucial process that should be handled by a professional staff. If a client is in need of detox from drugs and/or alcohol, we will help get them admitted to our 24-hour RN-staffed medical observation wing, which is a component of Futures’ treatment program.

To get started with our referral program, contact us today. One of our team members will be happy to assist with organizing solutions for a client in need of help for addiction.