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Days of Ascent: Lifelong Care with Futures

The name, Days of Ascent, is derived from a philosophical belief that underlies Futures’ approach to treatment.  Centered prominently in Futures’ main lobby is a 16 foot tall, 2,700 pound, bronze statute entitled “Ascent.”  Depicted on the statute are two individuals, one with an extended hand reaching out to help up a still-climbing friend.

The dictionary defines the word ascent as, “a climb to the summit of a mountain.”  Ascent perfectly captures the journey of recovery – the climb is challenging, but the views are so worth it.  The Futures of Palm Beach staff and management believe recovery is about helping and supporting one another and that asking for assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The Ascent program will take place over two days, Thursday and Friday, and will incorporate the scheduled monthly Florida alumni meeting and sober outing.  The purpose of the new program is multi-faceted with long-term goals.

  1. First, research continues to demonstrate that long-term recovery is tied to long-term support.  At Futures, we are committed to supporting our clients and future alumni before, during, and after treatment, through an entire continuum of care.  Secondly, our current clients will experience first-hand what a life now lived in recovery looks like.  Through this process, our clients can begin to develop new sober supports and have something tangible to strive for, or ascend to post-treatment.
  2. Additionally, our alumni are able to return to the safe, stable, therapeutic environment that nurtured their early recovery.  Alumni will have the opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope with clients, and recharge their personal recovery.
  3. Finally, staff of Futures will be able to share in the joyous experience of our alumni returning to campus.  Hearing about the success stories of our alumni is a distant second best to experiencing it in person.  Our newest program is sure to bring excitement and anticipation to clients, alumni, and staff, alike.

Contact Ryan Miller, Director of Alumni Services for more details and dates for the 2018 Days of Ascent.

November 2018 Days of Ascent Details