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Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

The mission at Futures is to create the highest quality addiction and co-occurring disorders program available, combining the most in-depth evidence-based treatment with a five star level of personal service.  Our goal is to create an integrated multidisciplinary approach that is extensive and life-changing. Our staff works at both the core emotional level to uncover the central issues driving the addiction or co-occurring disorder and at the practical level, creating coping skills and a detailed life plan that discourages the individual from revisiting old patterns and temptations.


Our philosophy is that recovery from both addiction and co-occurring disorders require a multidisciplinary approach to address the many underlying motivational factors that initiate and maintain these addictive and unstable processes.  These motivational factors include physiological, emotional, social, personal learning history, and environmental influences, each of which requires specific treatment interventions.  It is also our philosophy to continually evaluate and improve our evidence-based treatment interventions, as we strive toward our goal of delivering the highest possible recovery rates in the field of addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment.  Clients deserve a highly trained professional staff to provide these varying treatment interventions.  It is also our philosophy that clients will benefit most if they reside in a comfortable therapeutic environment that treats them with the utmost respect, and are given the highest quality of personal service as they engage in the difficult task of working on their recovery process.