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Futures was born out of a desire to set a new standard in addiction treatment. Created in October 2012, Futures of Palm Beach was inspired by the vision and management of GMH Ventures, a GMH Associates company. The leadership of GMH had a dream to create a one-of-a-kind treatment facility, that provides an unrivaled experience in treatment, facilities and service. Futures of Palm Beach provides personalized substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment services for clientele who want the highest level of service combined with superior individualized treatment in a serene and idyllic environment. Our caring staff includes some of the finest nurses, psychologists, clinicians and wellness professionals the industry has to offer. We constantly evaluate and improve our evidence-based treatment program while utilizing cutting edge research to contribute to the fields of addictions and co-occurring disorders. Guests of the facility have all the comforts and services of an exclusive five-star hotel, with innovative treatment strategies from the finest rehabilitation professionals in the country.

When Futures of Palm Beach first opened, Founding Executive Director Tim Worden, PhD developed a number of the programs and therapies that helped launch Futures name as a respected and progressive facility both locally and nationally. Since Dr. Worden’s tenure at the facility, we have continued to enhance, improve and quantify our treatment programs to continually stay ahead of the therapies and science of addiction and addiction treatment.

Futures of Palm Beach is dedicated to the care and treatment of individuals struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction issues and/or co-occurring disorders. Through the efforts of our executive, clinical and medical teams along with our highly educated staff, Futures has become one of the premier substance abuse and co-occurring disorders treatment centers in the country.

Creating an Effective Approach

Early in his career, Dr. Worden noticed a very serious flaw among the dual diagnosis treatment programs available to those who struggled with an eating disorder as well as a substance abuse issue: They focused primarily on addiction treatment and provided only peripheral attention to the eating disorder issue. For patients who struggled primarily with an eating disorder but used illicit substances in order to control appetite or boost metabolism, this was not an effective form of treatment.

In order to better help the patients who were working so hard to overcome these dual disorders, Dr. Worden created a program that placed an equal emphasis on both disordered eating habits and abuse of drugs and alcohol. The treatment protocols were so strong that those in recovery from either an eating disorder or a drug and alcohol abuse or dependence issue found intensive treatment and rapid progress at Futures as well.

Superior Treatment

Characterized by a spa-like feel, high-end amenities, and some of the most diverse treatment options available across all programs, Futures of Palm Beach provides unparalleled care to each and every patient. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you heal.