• What Treatment Program Options Are Available at Futures of Palm Beach?

    There are two different treatment options for patients to choose from here at Futures. We offer a dedicated program solely for patients struggling with substance abuse, and a second program dedicated to those fighting a substance abuse and a co-occurring disorder, which may include ADD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and OCD.

  • What Is the Focus of Treatment at Futures of Palm Beach?

    The primary focus of care and the underlying philosophy driving all treatment programs here at Futures is the provision of personalized care to each and every patient. Utilizing a wide range of therapeutic options that run the gamut from traditional to holistic to alternative, we offer patients the ability to create a treatment plan that is unique to their needs, challenges and experience.

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  • What Makes Futures of Palm Beach Special?

    Unlike other treatment programs, Futures offers integrated treatment for people struggling with substance abuse issue and co-occurring disorders. Nowhere else will you find the intensive attention given to both disorders and the highly personalized treatment plans that draw from a range of therapeutic resources provided by well-educated and experienced professionals. Additionally, only at Futures will patients receive a minimum of 12-16 hours of personal treatment sessions each month in a comprehensive introduction to DBT program that prioritizes the patient and their families.

  • What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

    Dual diagnosis treatment is provided to patients who are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders – those who are living with more than one disorder. Here at Futures of Palm Beach, we specialize in providing care to those who are living with both substance abuse or addiction issues and mental health issues. Through an integrated program that utilizes therapeutic interventions that address the challenges of co-occurring disorders and substance abuse equally, the patient can more quickly progress in recovery without fear that the issues related to the untreated or undertreated disorder will undermine the progress made in treatment of the primary issue.

  • What Types of Therapy Are Included in Treatment Plans?

    Here at Futures of Palm Beach we offer a number of different therapy and treatment options to patients. These include:

    -Individual Therapy
    -Group Therapy
    -Nutritional Counseling
    -Physical Training
    -Family Therapy
    -Couples Counseling
    -Relapse Prevention
    -Recovery Coaching

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  • What Experience and Training Do Staff Members Have?

    All Futures Staff Members are highly trained in their positions. Our Medical Doctors, Nurses, PhD and Masters level Primary therapists, Dieticians and Hypnotherapists as well as all support staff, are experienced, compassionate and skilled. Our Medical Director is a Board Certified Addictionologist and Psychiatrist with 20+ years of experience in addictions and co-occurring disorders. At Futures of Palm Beach, you or your loved one are in good hands.

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  • Where Will I Stay While Undergoing Treatment at Futures?

    Patients here at Futures of Palm Beach enjoy private accommodations with high-end amenities that offer a warm and healing atmosphere that nurtures the healing process.

  • Where Is Futures of Palm Beach Located?

    Futures is centrally located in Palm Beach County with easy access to a range of activities. A number of recreational options are only minutes away, including golf, beach activities and more. Plus, friends and family will appreciate the access to lux shopping, fine dining and entertainment when they come visit.

  • What Are My Payment Options for Treatment?

    Futures accepts private pay and most insurance policies for treatment. Contact our admissions team 7 days a week for a free confidential assessment. Our staff will provide you a custom treatment plan and discuss all available financing options.