Futures of Palm Beach Alumni Program

We pledge to put our clients first. When you complete the program at Futures, you belong to a lifelong community that will keep you connected in your recovery.

We offer frequent meetings, sober activities, and volunteer opportunities for our local, south Florida alumni. Regardless of where home is, alumni services engages in regular contact with our out-of-state and international alumni. Our Days of Ascent program is an offer of life-time treatment for active alumni members. Returning to the safe environment that nurtured an individual’s early recovery is a truly special and awe inspiring opportunity. Join our online alumni support group and connect with alumni services to learn about upcoming events where alumni can take part in groups, workshops, and give back to current Futures clients.

Ryan Miller, MSW,
Director of Alumni Services


By sharing our experience and our journey of recovery, we support each other!

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Days of Ascent

Days of Ascent, an offer of life-time treatment for active alumni of Futures began in October, 2015 and is held several times a year. Alumni return to campus and participate in groups, activities, and meals with current clients and staff.  Clients are able to experience firsthand what recovery looks like from the perspective of alumni who completed treatment before them. 

Also, the return to Futures for our alumni serves as a powerful recharge for their ongoing recovery.  Research continues to show that long-term recovery is tied to long-term support and at Futures we are committed to standing beside our alumni, as they venture back into everyday life.  Staff and alumni alike are excitedly looking forward to three Days of Ascent offerings each year.


Futures is proud to be the Title Sponsor of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS) a non-profit that continues to be committed to improving life-long outcomes for clients and growing the global recovery community. Our involvement in TPAS has allowed Futures to be both a teacher and student with the sole purpose of helping the still-suffering. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our alumni, the Futures management team, GMH Ventures, and TPAS partners for their dedication to helping us grow a supportive and fun alumni program.

Coining In

Our first Coining In ceremony was introduced in January, 2015.  The ceremony, now a regular, weekly practice has forever changed the continued recovery of our clients and future alumni.  The oft uncertain and overwhelming first few days of residential treatment are met at Futures with a promise, “We are here for you, today, tomorrow, and for the duration of your continued recovery.”  

The weekly ceremony continues to serve as a stark contrast to the traditional graduation or coining out ceremonies held at most treatment centers.  At Futures, we believe that while your recovery may begin here, it certainly does not end here.  As such, our coining in ceremony serves as a welcoming to recovery and the Futures family, where the client receives a special coin, just for them, to have throughout their treatment journey.

Sober Activities

Each month, our alumni group meets up for various sober fun activities to help support one another and have fun. From paddle boarding and kayaking to horseback riding and trips to the movies and dinner, an instant sense of community is created through the familiarity of the group and meeting new Alumni each month. A natural support system is created for each member through these outings and the experiences shared continue to drive each of our alumni towards a successful path of recovery.