Our Treatment Approach

The Futures philosophy, grounded in the research of neuroscience, is that people change, and that recovery from both addictions and co-occurring disorders is possible. Every day people are stopping their addictions, stepping away from mental illness, and when they do this, it is because they have changed their brain. By understanding the neurophysiology underlying these disorders, and understanding the neurophysiology of change, Futures has created unique and intensive treatment programs that facilitate recovery in the most rapid and deepest manner. This integrated, multidisciplinary approach includes a combination of intensive psychotherapy addressing deep-seeded emotional and motivational issues, as well as teaching practical coping skills in the areas of relapse prevention, and emotional regulation, and provides ongoing support with a life satisfaction plan.

Additionally, Futures incorporates a compassionate and supportive approach to both co-occurring disorders and addiction treatment. Futures takes pride in its collaborative and empowering approach in setting reasonable goals and building skills the client can utilize beyond their stay at Futures.

How Futures Stands Apart from Other Treatment Programs

  • Comprehensive DBT (Emotional Regulation) Program

    The foundation of our treatment provides a comprehensive introduction to DBT to include all four modules: core mindfulness; distress tolerance; emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Because emotional dysregulation is the most common factor in relapsing back to old addiction or co-occurring disorder patterns, Futures has incorporated the most thorough, evidence-based treatment available to support emotional regulation. The foundation of this treatment includes a comprehensive introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program within a 30 day format that includes all four skills modules including core mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Moreover, the client will be exposed to additional individual treatments supporting emotional regulation such as hypnotherapy, stress management, meditation, and other activities supporting core mindfulness.

  • A Thorough Motivation-Based Relapse Prevention Plan

    Each client develops an individualized detailed relapse prevention plan containing the cognitive, emotional and motivational coping techniques to support long term recovery.
    Relapse occurs in the context of a lack of external support, and a “momentary” lapse of motivation for recovery. By understanding the factors involved in this “moment of relapse”, Futures assists the client in developing a highly detailed individualized written plan containing the cognitive, emotional, and motivational coping techniques to support long-term recovery. This plan is created in individual sessions with the client’s chemical dependency or co-occurring disorder counselor to ensure that it is thorough and highly specific to that individual client. This plan is shared with the family towards the end of treatment to help the client incorporate this relapse prevention plan into their daily life.

  • Family Support System Program

    Our families and significant loved ones play a major role in our lives and recovery. At Futures each client receives a three-day family intensive. Because healthy re-connection with the client’s family and support system is vital for long-term recovery, Futures offers individual psychotherapy focusing on family and relationship issues, in addition to a three-day “Family Intensive” that incorporates the family/support system into treatment program that occurs toward the end of the client’s treatment.

  • Wellness Program

    A healthy mind and body enhances your stay at Futures. We provide emotional regulating and stress relieving activities and services such as; state of the art fitness center and personal trainers, yoga, mediation, massage, cooking classes, acupuncture and full spa amenities.

    The Future’s philosophy includes an overall Wellness approach, with group and individual treatment interventions focused on healthy mind and body, including a fitness center with a Physical Trainer at least two times per week, nutritional goals with a Dietician, healthy gourmet cooking classes, psycho-educational groups, Spa amenities offering massage, yoga, acupuncture, and other adjunct treatments.

  • Separate Addictions and Co-Occurring Disorder Programs

    Our program offers two separate programs: primary substance abuse and a blended track for those struggling with co-occurring disorders.

    In order to be most effective, Futures contains two separate programs: 1) Treating individuals with addictions only; 2) Treating individuals that may be suffering from both an mental illness and an addiction problem. In each case, Futures is also set up as a Dual-Diagnosis program, fully capable of treating underling emotional and mental health issues that may be co-occurring with the clients addiction issues.

At Futures of Palm Beach, our team includes Ph.D.-level Mental Health Treatment and Medical Professionals.

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Our Specific Therapies

  • 24-Hour Medical Care

    24 hour Nursing, together with a full-time Medical Director to quickly address any emerging medical needs.

  • Psychiatric Care

    Psychiatrist available 24 hours per day for evaluation and ongoing psychiatric treatment.

  • Primary Therapist

    Primary Therapist two times per week in individual sessions.

  • DBT Psychologist

    Meeting with the clients in DBT skills groups, and addressing behavioral chain analysis, solution analysis, and review of diary cards.

  • Chemical Dependency or Dual Diagnosis Counselor

    Meeting individually once per week developing the Relapse Prevention Plan addressing either the addiction issue, co-occurring disorder issue, or a blend of the two, depending on the client.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Meeting individually with the client, augmenting both the emotional regulation and relapse prevention portions of the program.

  • Dietician for Eating Disorders

    Meeting individually with eating disorder clients on specific meal plans, and with both addictions and eating disorder clients to meet wellness and nutritional goals.

  • Case Manager

    Meets individually once per week individually to ensure ongoing client involvement with their individualized treatment plan, and to develop the applicable aftercare plan.

  • Psychotherapy Groups

    Facilitated by an experienced masters level or Phd primary therapist meeting weekly, providing a therapeutic milieu to address emotional and interpersonal issues in a group context.

  • Separate Educational Groups

    Separate Educational Groups providing important psycho-educational information pertinent to the addiction and co-occurring disorder populations.

  • Family Program

    Our client’s family or support system are involved in the initial assessment process, and then brought into the program during the late stages of treatment for a three-day “Family Intensive”, which focuses on changing the family roles and dynamics, as well as identifying ways the family can best support the client’s long term recovery.

  • Experiential Therapies

    Experiential Therapies such as paddleboarding and Ropes Course Experiences during weekend outings.

  • Wellness

    Wellness-oriented ancillary therapy, including Acupuncture and Massage available at some program levels or as à la carte services.

  • Certified Personal Trainer

    Meeting individually once per week to develop achievable exercise goals.

Our Customer Service Approach

Our clients are the lifeblood of our treatment community. We consider it both our privilege and passion to provide the best clinical care and customer service available. The Futures team is committed to understanding our customer’s needs and we work collaboratively in an environment of mutual respect. Because of Futures’ location, we are able to maintain a high level of discretion so your privacy is assured.

Futures of Palm Beach provides an intensive therapeutic experience in an atmosphere of comfort. We provide many comforts, such as:

  • Luxurious private suites with views of the pool and lush tropical landscape
  • All suites have private baths and showers with walk in closets
  • Meals prepared daily by our own private chef
  • Pool and jacuzzi on site
  • A full wellness center with massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga and other therapies to enhance relaxation and practice emotional regulation
  • Wide screen TV in each room
  • Use of laptops, wifi and cell phones (as clinically appropriate)
  • State-of-the-art media room and theater
  • Numerous and spacious outdoor sitting areas with meditative Koi pond
  • Full fitness center with private trainer (as clinically appropriate)
  • Yoga
  • Tennis courts
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball Courts

Our staff use their depth of knowledge, skills and abilities to provide our clients and their families with five star customers service that exceeds expectations.

Some services listed may not be included in our core program. An admissions counselor will be able to provide you a complete list of core services. Information provided for educational purposes. Premium services or programs may be arranged through your therapist or case manager.