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December 18th 2014

10 Tips for Keeping Your Recovery Resolutions in 2015

A new year means a fresh start, and many of us can’t resist creating goals for the upcoming 12 months. For those in recovery, this concept can be beneficial – as long as it’s constructed with thoughtfulness and compassion. It can also be harmful if approached from a black and white perspective – where 12 […]

December 18th 2014

Less Risk of Violence in Mental Health Patients After Drug Rehab

Though studies demonstrate that the public’s view of mental health disorders is generally more forgiving than their view of addiction, many still fear severely mentally ill patients and the potential for erratic and violent behavior. Why? It may be TV shows and movies that sensationalize the mental illness of the serial killer or mass murderer, […]

December 16th 2014

Let it RAIN on the holidays

By Dan Lanigan      MA, CAP, Primary Therapist   RAIN is a tool that we ask patients to place in their recovery toolbox. The word is an acronym that’s relatively simple and easy to remember – yet incredibly powerful! At the heart of it is interrupting habitual patterns of emotional reaction and discovering the freedom of […]

December 16th 2014


“If I can lift you today, You will look back And grab the hands of a thousand more.” These words by Native American Poet Howard Rainer are part of the poem that inspired artist Gary Lee Price to create Ascent – the 16-foot tall 2,700 pound monument that sits at the front of the lobby […]

December 16th 2014

What we’ve learned.

By John Maguire      MS, RMHCI, CAP, ICADC, Clinical Director   In the field of addiction treatment, any clinician who tells you that they’ve got it all figured out is someone to approach with caution. Just as the world’s best athletes miss shots, strike out and lose matches – every professional in our field is faced […]

December 9th 2014

Toys for Tots Alumni Event

If the end of 2014 is any indication of things to come, the future is bright for the Friends of Futures Alumni Group – and Futures of Palm Beach as a whole.  The events of Sunday, December 7, 2014 epitomize what it means to be part of the Futures family.  The rewards of several months […]

December 1st 2014

Changes in Recovery

At Futures, our commitment to provide world class addiction treatment extends far beyond the walls of our facility. To ensure that we’re doing all that we can for our Alumni community, members of staff participate in a group called TPAS (Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services), allowing us to share “best practices” with other experts in […]

November 18th 2014

Obesity and Depression: The New Dual Diagnosis?

More and more often, health experts are finding that patients suffering from one chronic disorder very frequently are living with a co-occurring chronic disorder as well. Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, for example, often co-occur with substance abuse or addiction. For patients, this can translate into intense symptoms for both disorders – and […]

November 18th 2014

What Treatment Options Are the Best Choice for Your Loved One?

Traditional therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic interventions – there are a host of different styles and types of addiction treatment options available to those who are ready to embark on their personal journey into recovery. The good news is that everyone will benefit from their own unique combination of a range of different therapies. However, […]

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