November 24th 2015

Gratitude Abounds

Gratitude is a quality that we practice as much as we preach. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, we randomly asked members of staff, “What are you grateful for this year?” Here’s what we got! Brooke Keffner, Primary Therapist I could go on for pages…literally…but for the purpose of brevity: I am grateful for […]

November 19th 2015

DBT Decoded: Mindfulness “How Skills” in Action

Last week we reviewed the DBT concept of Mindfulness What Skills and as promised (we wouldn’t break a promise) this week we explore the How Skills.  You may recall that the What Skills include Observe, Describe and Participate – all conscious choices for acquiring front row tickets to the “Mind Show” – starring our thoughts […]

November 13th 2015

What I’ve Learned: Rudy Shrier

Primary Therapist Rudy Shrier speaks about addiction treatment and recovery with the enthusiasm you’d expect from a football coach preparing for game day. His motivation tactics include classic movie quotes, psych lit references and anything else that helps people understand the disease of addiction and the seriousness of what’s at stake. In a relatively short […]

November 12th 2015

DBT Decoded: Mindfulness “What Skills”

To begin exploring DBT Mindfulness skills, we start with the What Skills. Early in the process this may feel like, “What Skills?” – but with commitment to the practice, we can turn it into, “What Skills!” Taking a step back, let’s clarify that DBT Mindfulness Skills are broken into two categories – What Skills and How […]

November 5th 2015

What I’ve Learned:  Lauren White, Resident Assistant

We often say that what makes our addiction treatment center different – aside from luxury accommodations and sunny South Florida weather – is our people. In addition to contributions from our capable medical and clinical staff, the success of our program is fueled by many passionate individuals who interact with clients at every stage of […]

November 4th 2015

DBT Decoded:  Choosing the Opposite Action

Sometimes when we consider the four categories of DBT – Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness – it can be challenging to see a particular skill set as belonging in one category as opposed to another. For example, when we think about regulating our emotions, this seems like something that’s rather unlikely to […]

October 27th 2015

Get to Know:  Ginny Sale

At Futures of Palm Beach, case managers work closely with clients and primary therapists – to turn treatment success into meaningful and lasting life transformation. The best case managers are often described as compassionate, resourceful, intuitive and inspirational. Case Manager Ginny Sale possesses all of these qualities and more. Get to know Ginny. These are her words. […]

October 23rd 2015

DBT Decoded: One Mindfully

Take a moment and make a commitment to only focus on the words on this page, which pertain to an important DBT understanding. Put away your thoughts about whatever else you could be doing. Release your worries about what you may miss if you focus only on these words. Try to understand that there is a […]

October 20th 2015

Get to Know: Ryan Miller

At many drug and alcohol treatment programs, Alumni Services is an afterthought. Like many things here at Futures of Palm Beach, we take the opposite approach. Nothing is more important than supporting our clients in the days, weeks, months, and years that follow treatment! If there’s one piece of evidence that proves this to be […]

October 14th 2015

UNITE to Face Addiction:  A National Movement Begins 

As I traveled to Washington, DC to attend the inaugural UNITE to Face Addiction rally, I thought long and hard about the definition and significance of this event. I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure. In fact, my sureness level was well below 90%. As I explained why I was going to family […]

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