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October 28th 2014

Colleges Fight Binge Drinking to Reduce Sexual Assaults

Assault and alcohol often go hand in hand. In many cases, police reports that document attacks ranging from domestic violence to rape to homicide note that either the victim or the perpetrator – or both – were under the influence at the time of the incident. Colleges are not safe from this phenomenon, especially with […]

October 28th 2014

TPAS Collaborative 2014

The setting of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS) 2014 could not have been more perfect.  Serra Retreat, nestled in the cliffs of Malibu provided the perfect atmosphere for a true collaborative.  From Sunday September 28th through October 1st, the Franciscan retreat became home to 65 alumni professional pioneers.  The TPAS vision of collaboration versus […]

October 22nd 2014

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When someone is living with both drug dependence and a mental health issue (e.g., depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.), they are said to have a dual diagnosis. Patients in this circumstance will benefit most from dual diagnosis treatment – care that addresses both the addiction disorder and the mental health disorder thoroughly and efficiently. Holistic […]

October 5th 2014

Is Compulsive Shopping Similar to Addiction?

Stores are designed to maximize the impulsive buying behaviors of consumers. Brightly colored packaging, placement of certain items at eye level, and small low-priced items by the register – even the layout of the store is designed to draw you in and keep you engaged as you shop. Most people succumb to the occasional splurge […]

September 29th 2014

Molly: What You Need to Know

Molly. It’s a trendy buzzword in synthetic drugs and a lot of people have no idea what it is – even some of the people who use it. Purported to be the purest version of Ecstasy available on the market, it is often nothing of the sort. Rather, it is usually an ever-variable mix of […]

September 25th 2014

Marijuana Significantly Changes the Young Brain, Says Study

Those who are lobbying for the legalization of recreational marijuana vow that there is no proof that the drug is harmful to chronic users. However, a study published in the journal Current Addiction Reports found that using marijuana as little as once per week can mean: Decreased IQ Decline in cognitive function Decreased attention span […]

September 18th 2014

The Blame Game: Does It Help to Know Why You Began Abusing Drugs?

A great deal of time is spent in rehabilitation exploring the issues that started addiction. For many patients, it’s a crucial part of recovery. Incidences of trauma, co-occurring mental health diagnoses, or behavioral and learning disorders that complicate daily living can all contribute to the development of drug and alcohol abuse. Unless these issues are […]

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