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July 22nd 2014

Heroin Addiction Treatment: Which One Is Right for Your Loved One?

There are a number of problems with the current state of things when it comes to treatment for heroin dependence, according to The Courier-Journal. Reasons include: There is no standardized way to address the problem medically, unlike other chronic disorders. The stigma of addiction means fewer dollars are allocated to exploring new treatment options. Traditional […]

July 18th 2014

Dual Diagnosis Alert: Diabulimia and Substance Abuse

Diabetes + bulimia = ED-DMT1 or “diabulimia” as it’s becoming known among the young women who are dually diagnosed with the two disorders. It’s a form of weight management that some young women who use insulin to manage their type I diabetes use to stop themselves from gaining weight. How does it work? Those with […]

July 16th 2014

Choosing a Recovery Residence – 6 things to consider

One of the biggest decisions a newly recovering individual will have to make while in treatment will be where he or she chooses to live after treatment. For many, the decision will be some type of recovery residence. Following a quick internet search, it becomes immediately apparent that there are a multitude of sober living […]

July 8th 2014

‘Manorexia’ and the Addiction to Physical Perfection

It’s not a medical term but it’s become a commonly used word to describe the disorder of anorexia and/or bulimia when it happens in men. It may be that men don’t identify with the terms that so typically describe a female’s experience, or it may be that “manorexia” is characterized somewhat differently, since it often […]

June 29th 2014

Are You Really an Addict?

When people swap stories about things that happened to them in addiction, it can feel to some like it’s a competition. Who was the most messed up? Who got into the most deadly situations? Who hit rock bottom the hardest? Who lost the most to addiction? Who is truly an addict? For those who do […]

June 26th 2014

Marijuana-Infused Coffee Set to Hit Washington State Next Month

It seems only fitting that the state that popularized the trendy coffee drink would be the first to venture out into marijuana-laced caffeine items. A brand of cannabis-infused coffee under the brand name Mirth Provisions is set for release next month in Washington State where marijuana use has been decriminalized, providing another marijuana edible for […]

June 24th 2014

Should Patients Be Screened Better for Opiate Maintenance Treatment?

Suboxone has been a life-changing medication for many longtime opiate addicts, allowing them to get the medicated detox assistance they need without the requirement of a daily trip to a clinic for a dose of methadone. Suboxone, a buprenorphine combo drug, is available to patients with a doctor’s prescription – but that doctor must be […]

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