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October 5th 2014

Is Compulsive Shopping Similar to Addiction?

Stores are designed to maximize the impulsive buying behaviors of consumers. Brightly colored packaging, placement of certain items at eye level, and small low-priced items by the register – even the layout of the store is designed to draw you in and keep you engaged as you shop. Most people succumb to the occasional splurge […]

September 29th 2014

Molly: What You Need to Know

Molly. It’s a trendy buzzword in synthetic drugs and a lot of people have no idea what it is – even some of the people who use it. Purported to be the purest version of Ecstasy available on the market, it is often nothing of the sort. Rather, it is usually an ever-variable mix of […]

September 25th 2014

Marijuana Significantly Changes the Young Brain, Says Study

Those who are lobbying for the legalization of recreational marijuana vow that there is no proof that the drug is harmful to chronic users. However, a study published in the journal Current Addiction Reports found that using marijuana as little as once per week can mean: Decreased IQ Decline in cognitive function Decreased attention span […]

September 18th 2014

The Blame Game: Does It Help to Know Why You Began Abusing Drugs?

A great deal of time is spent in rehabilitation exploring the issues that started addiction. For many patients, it’s a crucial part of recovery. Incidences of trauma, co-occurring mental health diagnoses, or behavioral and learning disorders that complicate daily living can all contribute to the development of drug and alcohol abuse. Unless these issues are […]

September 15th 2014

Should Powdered Alcohol Be Banned?

Should powdered alcohol be banned? US Senator Charles Schumer of New York thinks so. He’s introducing a bill that would ban the substance, keeping it off supermarket shelves and out of the hands of consumers. To launch his campaign he has asked retailers to boycott the product, reports USA Today. Sen. Schumer says that he […]

September 15th 2014

WHO Global Status Report 2014: Who’s Drinking What?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its 2014 Global Status World Report on Alcohol, collecting and collating data to better understand who’s drinking what and where in the world – and how it’s harming peoples lives. The WHO report calls alcohol a “psychoactive substance with dependence-producing properties” and says that its use causes a […]

September 10th 2014

Ambien-Related ER Visits Almost Double in Four Years

Ambien, or zolpidem, is commonly prescribed as a sleep aid for those who have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep on their own. Unfortunately, despite an increased awareness of the issues related to use of the drug, its use has only grown over the past few years –  and so too has abuse […]

September 10th 2014

The Toll of Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

It’s not just the active ingredient in prescription painkillers that is harming Americans. According to Consumer Reports, about 17,000 people in the US die due to opiate overdose each year (about 46 each day). Another 80,000 more end up in the hospital due to acetaminophen toxicity, the over-the-counter painkiller that is often included in the […]

September 5th 2014

Cracking Down on OTC Drug Abuse

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are rarely the first thought when illicit drug abuse is mentioned. However, OTC medications that contain potent ingredients are very often the drugs of choice for those who would like to create certain black market drugs or use them in large amounts to get high. Arizona is the fifth state in the […]

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