Addiction Treatment


Addiction Treatment

Here you'll find articles related to every aspect of addiction treatment, from the first day of detox to the last day of transitional living.

Self-Medicating PTSD

The disorder affects 7.7 million adults in the United States, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America notes. While it typically develops following exposure to a stressful or life-altering event, PTSD can also form in people who have heard eyewitness accounts of unsettling experiences. Who Has It? The biggest demographic suffering from PTSD is military […]

Anxiety Disorders and the Rise of Substance Abuse

For all of us, life involves elements of worry, stress and fear. These emotional states are natural, even beneficial, when they occur in the right circumstances. However, anxiety disorders have become so prevalent in the United States that they now represent the most common type of psychiatric illness in the country. The Anxiety and Depression […]


Interventions and Family Mediation

An intervention is any process by which one individual or group of individuals intervenes in the progress of a given situation. An intervention can occur in a doctor’s office, for instance, when a doctor observes drug-seeking behavior and can make recommendations to their patient. Other types of interventions include school drug prevention programs designed to […]

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Alcohol Detox Overview

The crack of a beer can opening, the pop of a cork leaving the bottle or the rattle of ice inside a glass can all sound like music to the ears of people struggling with alcoholism. These little cues can cause huge spikes in cravings to drink, and once these people start drinking, they may […]

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Drug Detox Overview

Drug abuse can take a serious toll on a family’s overall mental health. Fights can tear apart the strongest relationships, and it’s not uncommon for family members to blame one another for the difficulties they face. The person with the addiction might be at the center of all of this suffering, and that person might […]


Ambien Addiction & Ambien Abuse Recovery

Ambien is a well-known sleep aid that is available only with a prescription. It is very recognizable to those who watch television because it is featured in a number of commercials. Using Ambien to help fall asleep or stay asleep can be effective, if the instructions are followed and it is only taken in the […]


What is Drug Abuse?

Without a doubt, one of the toughest problems we face in the country today is the continuing existence of rampant drug abuse. It is possible that society is contributing to the problem by downplaying the damaging effects of certain recreational drugs, leading people into underestimating their threat. Each year, drug abuse is responsible for around […]

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Addiction and Substance Abuse

There is currently no “cure” for addiction. There are, however, a number of effective medical and psychological treatments that have been proven effective in helping individuals to break free from drug and alcohol dependence and live a life of sobriety for the long term.

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Detox Services

Detox is not a treatment for drug and alcohol dependence. Rather, it is the first step in a comprehensive drug rehabilitation program and must be followed by psychotherapeutic treatment in order to be effective for the long term.

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Drug Rehab for Drug Addiction

Getting help for a drug addiction isn’t as complicated or as difficult as you might think. All you need is the desire to become well and to take the steps needed to get treatment.

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